• Community Guidelines

    1. Please be proactive. Network activity is member-driven. Is there something on your mind? Start a new forum discussion and get us talking! Want to meet new friends near where you live? Search the Calendar for existing local events, or create your own and see who else is game!

    2. Please remain compassionate and respectful. We're a positive space for celebrating childfree womanhood without disparaging other women who experience different circumstances, make different choices, or want different things out of life. We're also an intersectional space, where childfree women from all walks of life are meant to feel welcome and safe.

    3. Please look out for yourself. Only give out contact information through private messaging. All the usual common sense rules apply when meeting someone off the internet for the first time.

    4. Please look out for each other. Be aware of the signals fellow members are giving off, and don't hesitate to report suspicious activity or behaviour that isn't in line with these Community Guidelines, our Forum Rules, or our Terms of Service.